Monday, June 29, 2015

The Importance of Mulching

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This day, we continue with the TIPS & TECHNIQUES; so, our third tip will be about “THE IMPORTANCE OF MULCHING”.


A newly planted tree’s best friend is mulch. It is very important to remember to mulch your tree after you have planted it.

Mulch is a valuable for your trees health and care because
1.    Mulch insulates the soil helping to provide a buffer from heat and cold temperatures.
2.    Mulch retains water helping to keep the roots moist.
3.    Mulch keeps weeds out to help prevent root competition.
4.    Mulch prevents soil compaction.
5.    Mulch reduces lawn mower damage.

Steps to Adding Mulch Around Your Tree

1.    Add mulch to the base of your tree by removing any grass within a 3 to 10 foot area depending on the size of your tree.
2.    Pour natural mulch such as wood chips or bark pieces 2 to 4 inches deep within the circle.
3.    Keep the mulch from touching the trunk of the tree.
4.    Learn proper tree watering practices.

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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Tree Cares Tips & Techniques. Selecting a Healthy Tree

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This day, we continue with the TIPS & TECHNIQUES; so, our second tip will be about “SELECTING A HEALTHY TREE”.


Good tree care starts with a healthy tree. Follow these tips and learn how to buy a tree.


Inspecting your tree upon delivery or at the nursery will help your tree provide a lifetime of benefits.
1.    Bare root tree: Abundant root growth, fiberous and numerous small roots, good color; moist
2.    Balled and burlapped tree (B&B): Firm soil ball, with trunk securely tied. Do not accept a plant with a broken “ball”. Do not accept a tree with circling roots at the base of the trunk. Always carry B&B plants by the soil ball, not the trunk, stems or branches.
3.    Container-grown tree (containerized and potted): Avoid trees that are “root-bound” in the can. Roots can circle around the edge of the container may become circling roots. (Cut any circling roots when planting.) Because of this, B&B trees are generally preferred for large trees. Always remove can, basket or pot when planting.

    Bare Root Seedlings
ü Roots should be moist & fibrous.
ü Deciduous seedlings should have roots about equal to stem length. 

    Balled & Burlapped
ü Root ball should be firm to the touch, especially near the trunk.
ü Root ball should be adequate for the tree's size.

ü Pot should not contain large, circling roots.
ü Pruned roots cut cleanly, none wider than a finger.
ü Soil & roots joined tightly.


When choosing trees for city plantings along streets and in parks, you will want to trees with fairly substantial caliper (trunk diameter).
ü Strong, well-developed leader (or leaders in a multi-leader tree).
ü Bright, healthy bark.
ü Trunk & limbs free of insect or mechanical injury.
ü Branches well-distributed around trunk, considerably smaller caliper than trunk.
ü Ideal spacing between branches, at least 8–12" for most species.
ü Good trunk taper.
ü Wide-angle crotches for strength.
ü Low branches—they are temporary, but help develop taper, promote trunk caliper growth, and prevent sun damage.
ü After a good start with good nursery stock, now it is time to learn how to plant your tree.

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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

9 Tree Care Tips & Techniques. #1 FINDING A TREE

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From this day we start with different topics about tips, guides or news for you of landscaping. The first topic will be about TIPS & TECHNIQUES; so, our first tip will be about “FINDING A TREE”.

It’s important to remember that proper tree care starts when you select a tree and that what you do to your tree in its first few years of life will affect its shape, strength, and even its life span. Following these steps will make sure tree gets on the correct foot and keep it healthy throughout its life.


Proper tree care begins with selecting the right tree and planting it in the right place. Trees are for a lifetime, so it pays to spend time now making sure that your tree will thrive where you want to plant it.

Wrong Trees, Wrong Places

Planting large trees under utility lines can eventually mean mutilated trees as they grow to maturity. Large evergreens close to the house on the south block warming winter sunlight. No trees on the north side of the house can leave it vulnerable to icy winter winds.

Better Choices

Short, flowering trees don’t clash with overhead utility lines. Large deciduous trees on the southeast, southwest, and west provide cooling shade in the summer, but don’t obstruct the low winter sun. 
An evergreen windbreak on the north blocks cold winds in winter.

The Right Tree in the Right Place

A healthy community forest begins with careful planning. With a little research and a simple layout, you can produce a landscape that will cool your home in summer and tame the winter winds. Your well-planned yard will contain trees that grow well in the soil and moisture of your neighborhood. Your trees will be properly placed to avoid collisions with power lines and buildings, and the aesthetics will increase your property value.

A proper landscape plan takes each tree into consideration:
1.    Height. Will the tree bump into anything when it is fully grown?
2.    Canopy spread. How wide will the tree grow?
3.    Is the tree deciduous or coniferous? (Will it lose its leaves in the winter?)
4.    Form or shape. A columnar tree will grow in less space. Round and V-Shaped species provide the most shade.
5.    Growth rate. How long will it take for your tree to reach its full height? Slow growing species typically live longer than fast growing species.
6.    Soil, sun, and moisture requirements.
7.    Fruit. No one wants messy droppings on busy sidewalks.
8.    Hardiness zone indicates the temperature extremes in which a tree can be expected to grow. For the purposes of this quiz hardiness zone considerations have been disregarded. Check with your community's tree board or forestry department or a local county cooperative extension agent for a list of trees suitable for planting in your specific hardiness zone.

Available space is probably the consideration most overlooked or misunderstood when deciding what tree to plant. Before you plant, it is important to know what the tree will look like as it nears maturity. Consider its height, crown spread, and root space.

For other part, he character of tree crowns and the form or shape of trees varies among species as much as leaf shapes or bark patterns. Shape is another clue to how well a tree will fit the space you have available, what problems might occur, and how well it will help meet the goals you have for your property.

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Monday, May 25, 2015

Process Reorganization

In Landscape by Today, Inc. we've decided to reorganize our processes and we're working on programs designed to give our customers the best benefits and services. Therefore, we need that our employees  are engaged with our new processes and  philosophy.
We are a Company dedicated to provide landscaping services of the highest quality to our select group of clients. Achieving perfect balance between natural environment and aarchitectural design in your home or business, with a touch of class from all the years of knowledge and experience we have in the industry, and providing special attention concerning our environment.

Be a leading recognized Landscaping Company in the región, through a suitable satisfaction of our customer needs with the quality that distinguishes us, the commitment that binds us and the experience that precedes us.

The values that rule us have allowed us to develop day by day and defined our collective identity, which has made us different from others; because we make from this Company a unique and distinctive Project, that wants to satisfy its customers in the best way posible with viable and innovative solutions.

  • Innovation
  • Discipline
  • Quality
  • Efficiency
  • Customer Orientation
  • Service
  • Commitment
  • Teamwork

 “...Because to Landscape by Today, Inc., our main commitment is YOU”

Monday, May 4, 2015


Dear Customer:

Best Greetings from our company Landscape by Today, Inc. In this season 2015, it's a great pleasure for us to have you as a member of our select group of clients; at the same time we'd like to communicate our objective to initiate and maintain a communication channel ad hoc with your prestigious Company.

The reason for this blog, besides wishing you the best as we start the new operations cycle; it's to inform you that as a part of the CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT in which our Company is immersed, we've decided to reorganize our processes and we are working on a number of programs designed to give you the best benefits services.

Please feel free to post your thoughts and suggestions in the comments area after each posting.  We look forward to reading them. Any suggestions on future posts are most welcome.

Enjoy! Thanks for reading and please send a friend a link to this blog.

 “...Because to Landscape by Today, Inc., our main commitment is YOU”

Manuel Augusto Flores
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