Saturday, June 16, 2018

Waterfalls Designs

For people who love the sound of water cascading off rocks or spilling into a pond below, a waterfall is the perfect addition to the backyard. One of their benefits is the attraction birds... Most bird species need water to drink and to bathe in; so, if you provide moving water you'll have a lot of birds won't able to resist the attraction of moving water. Birds will flock to a waterfall or stream or even a fountain much more readily than they will a still pond or bird bath.
Check these beautiful designs!Trust in us! We are experts! 

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Why your lawn is important?

"As a society we tend to take the benefits of grass for granted," says James B Beard Ph.D., one of America's leading turf experts and the chief scientist at the International Sports Turf Institute. Lawns have remained a desirable element of a beautiful landscape for hundred of years. Aesthetically, lawns enhance the quality of life, contribute to social harmony and community pride, increase property values and compliment other landscape plants.

In many cities of our country, a lawn may just be a small, well-tended area surrounded by native plants and creative landscaping or a big place that contributes to community green space; however, keeping it looking good requires the right knowledgement. If you’ve just added new turf to your property, we hope this post will help you keep your new lawn looking gorgeous all time.

The scientific evidence clearly shows that a healthy lawn is good for the environment, "Most homeowners don't realize noise and air pollution are reduced in most suburban areas because the grass ecosystem serves as a natural filter for the environment".

At Landscape By Today, Inc., we trying to give special attention to transforming and maintaining lawns into highly effective, aesthetic landscapes; for that reason, we recommended some tips:
- When should you cut your new lawn?  We recommend cutting your new turf when it reaches about three inches tall. The shorter your lawn is cut the faster it dries out, and this depend of the month of the year when you cut and for weather.
- Keep the soil moist until you’re ready to cut. If you have a newly seeded lawn should receive 5 minutes of water 3-4 times per day.
- Your lawn needs a regular routine of fertilization, weed control, mowing, and watering. If your lawn goes 30 or 40 days without any moisture, you’ll have problems and may need to replace it.

At Landscape By Today, Inc. we provide full-service care for your lawn to ensure its ongoing health. Part of our services are:
* Irrigation assessment
* Mowing
* Pruning
* Weeding
* Fertilizing
* Leaf cleanup
* Pest management
* And much, much more!

Call us today and let the our experts transform your lawn into the emerald green expanse of your dreams.